Who is Cindy Samoht? 


An admirer of masculinity is what I am. I came to this simple epiphany not too long ago. The beauty of man-- the way he moves, the way he talks when not talking... the unspoken dialogue he creates with the world around him. This is what I love to study and observe, and this is how I’ve chosen to serve. To make more masterful his sense of self through style.

So lets get the formalities out the way... I’m a millenial Atlanta native, born and raised. Half Jamaican. Honors graduate from Georgia Tech, with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. I studied fashion at Parsons School of Design. I am surreptitiously known as an online men’s fashion pioneer, creating the first major men’s fashion blog— The Urban Gentleman aka "The Urban Gent", (abbreviated: TUG) 

Upon meeting me most inquire, "How did you, [a woman], end up so deep in men's fashion?”  Well, it all really started on the eastside of Atlanta, GA where I grew up. Each night like clockwork, I would observe my older brother perform what seemed to be a disciplined ballet between man and style. His movement was fluid, the composition was always the same simply sprinkled with the nuances of color, pattern, designer, and season. It started with the outfit, he’d pick from an impeccably organized closet full of pre-matched combos.  This was naturally followed by an one hour waltz with Niagra and a high end Black & Decker. He perfectly pressed in razor sharp creases into his pants, sleeves, and even the middle back of his shirt at times. Then he’d carefully hang his “look" on the door and methodically placed next to it the finishing touches: matching tennis shoes, socks, hat, and watch. Grooming was the finale-- he’d shave and touch up his haircut, clip his nails if needed, and showered. The whole machismo dance took about 2-3 hours. My brother's perfectionist attitude toward clothing and his elevated sense of style permeated throughout our household. This unexpectedly led to a legacy of all my siblings being crowned 'Best Dressed' in school.  So I guess you could say I was unintentionally classically trained since age 6 on what is it to be an Urban Gentleman - I grew up with him.

Growing up I was always that girl, yanno the one all the guys turned to when they had an SOS moment with anything style and design related.  So I allowed my raw design sense and natural fashion talents to be strengthened while participating in a rigorous Retail Management Program (at a Nordstrom located in a ritzier part of town.) It was there that my palette was refined as I learned the labels, clothing, and cuts that best complimented the various body types of CEOs, NFL players, and business owners that visited our store. Then in the Spring of 2008 everything sort of came together. I remember being fully booked one week: one friend needed advice on what to wear for interviews and internships, another friend needed my interior decor skills to design his bachelor pad, another wanted a few looks for his first island-hopping tropical vacation, and my best friend was about to enter the corporate world and he wanted a whole new wardrobe to reflect it. I was in high demand and overbooked, so I decided to search the internet for a source I could send them and other friends to... there was nothing. So that spring, while in school, I created The Urban Gentleman - the first major men’s fashion blog. 

The Urban Gentleman quickly became the most popular men’s fashion and grooming blog in the world, ranked #1 internationally, and reached 1.1 million hits per month. Through The Urban Gentleman I worked on campaigns and projects for a plethora of major brands: Gucci, Lexus, H&M, Barney’s New York, Ralph Lauren, Axe, Dove, Ford, Kenneth Cole, Google, Levi’s and many many more.  Near the height of it’s success I decided to take a much needed break and went on a 3 year hiatus. During this time I did a bit of soul-searching, traveled, and I entered the corporate arena. I became the youngest marketing director at one of the world’s largest logistics companies, and reached a personal goal of hitting the 6-figure mark as a twenty-something… something I'm quite proud of :-). Although I had success in the traditional corporate world, and was on the fast track to becoming a VP in the industry, I knew it wasn’t where I was suppose to be. So in mid 2015 after much reflection, prayer, and advisement I left my job and made the superwoman leap back into my natural world. The world of fashion, design, and style. I hit the ground running, honing my skills, and fully immersing myself in my craft through books, fashion shows, celebrity styling sessions, and photoshoots.

Since my return I’ve had the pleasure of working with more of the world’s top companies, including Lacoste, AMEX (American Express), the NBA, Amazon/East Dane, Gillette, and Nike. The Urban Gentleman has grown into not just an online destination for men, but also a consulting and styling agency. Our agency serves an array of clients: corporations, entrepreneurs, retailers, engineers, professional athletes, financiers, musicians, and even royalty.  My goal for each individual client is to enhance his natural style, strategically developing him into a king in his domain... be it the boardroom, the lab, the basketball court, or stage. Hence my nickname “The Kingmaker”.  My goal for businesses is the same, just adapted. I'll use my decade plus of experience to invigorate the natural essence of your brand. I am able to add a unique feminine (me) + masculine (my craft) multi-cultural perspective to your marketing campaign or business that will make it stand out from the rest.

To become a client or future king, contact me HERE.