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It's an easy decision... if you're trying to figure out if I'd be a good addition to your project, team, production, campaign, or life. The answer is yes, I will be. Why? Well because I'm not your competition, I'm your cheerleader - in the most queen like and seriously skillful of ways of course. I am unabashedly sincere in my love for the masculine form and the way that it presents to me. Meaning in the way that you present to me-- no matter your size, heritage, age, or industry. To king you is goal, or I guess you could say to make you style G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) in your world, whether its the office, stage, court, field, lab, red carpet, or boardroom. For businesses and brands my goal is the same-- to enhance and make greater your company or campaign using my unique perspective and ever-growing palette of interest and inspirations.  Let us begin, contact me here.


Just a few videos that were casted, directed, styled, and planned by Cindy Samoht

in partnership with various brands, labels, and retailers. 


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